This is my hand in the Nile

hand in Nile

I put it there years ago.

I was riding a felucca down the crooked river, and the guide said not to.

The water’s filthy. Riddled with bacteria, scary movie stuff and who knows what.

Or something like that.

When he returned to navigation, I casually snaked my hand in anyway. The other guide grinningly shook his head and skootched next to me to whisper, “Once you place your hand in the Nile, you become part of it. Part of us.”

Come on line? Maybe. Maybe not.

I bobbed my head, thinking that if this place that had called me to it and felt like my soul’s home, wasn’t already part of me, then I was the punch line in some cosmic joke.

And every day this picture reminds me to keep one hand reaching for far, far away things that seem like mine.

6 thoughts on “This is my hand in the Nile

    • Thank you and God Bless. I will pray on this. I’m approaching retirement so so I will have extra Me time. All I will need is money to travel to Africa. I also want to connect and me in person my many African Followers. Many Thanks. I really appreciate this post. Grace, Peace, & Blessings. ❤

      • I hear you and know you’ll make it happen! My trip was unforgettable…and also felt like home. I tucked away a little at a tiime, and then I booked it! I am sure I could have done something more practical with the dough, but absolutely NO regrets! Be blessed – Nailah

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