The Wonder Woman Challenge

My BFF Judith and I are on a mission to raise money to help Planned Parenthood continue to be a champion of affordable women’s healthcare. With that goal in mind, we are launching The Wonder Women Challenge.
Mostly, it starts with two costumed besties running through a sunny forest, playing and pretend fighting, and having the time of our lives channeling the bad-ass comic book hero with heart that our little-girl selves fell in love with long ago. She came from island of Amazon warriors, so what was there not to love?
As you can see, we were ALL IN during our shoot last weekend and it was one of the best days EVER!
We also figured if we were going to publicly embarrass ourselves, it had to be for a good cause and keeping Planned Parenthood funded is the one we thought Wonder Woman herself would go to battle for.
I challenge you to get involved too:
1. If you are a Wonder Woman fan.
2. If you are a Wonder Woman.
3. If you believe in women’s healthcare and want to keep it accessible.
4. If you believe in empowering and inspiring our girls to be Wonder Women.
5. If you are feeling wrung out over increasingly negative news cycles and want to do something positive.
Are YOU in?
Grab your bestie, sister, daughter, mom, etc., tape your own challenge video and send it to five women or donate to Planned Parenthood. Or do both. JUST DO IT. You’ll have a blast too!
While the first video is more personal and mentions the women Judith and I challenged, the second (below) is a little more generic so you can forward it to the Wonder Women in your life and challenge them with a personal note of your own.
Planned Parenthood needs us! Join the fight for women’s healthcare! Just. Do. It.

2 thoughts on “The Wonder Woman Challenge

    • Yes, we wrestled bunnies. That seems to be everyone’s favorite part. LOL. Things like this happen when you don’t have a script and its all about improv. Thanks for sharing and helping us help Planned Parenthood wrestle the forces that threaten women’s healthcare and choices!

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