3 thoughts on “Haiku: Crashing Waves

  1. Wow, this blog post is beautifully written and captures the calming effects nature has on our soul. Have you experienced any personal connections with the ocean or other natural settings that have helped you find peace and tranquility?

    yoy edib

    • Thanks! The ocean always brings serenity as do trickling streams or raging waterfalls, and time in more natural hotsprings surrounded by the elements. I am multi-sensory, so stacking is heaven. A decade later, I still remember snorkeling, followed by a delicious 3-course candlelight dinner in San Jose del Cabos with waves crashing, sunshine, a Mexican band, and an endless water view. Later on the same beach I had an aromatherapy massage with candles at sunset. Unforgettable. How about you?

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