Solstice Wish

tormado via flickr

Art: Patricia Kranenberg via

A smile of amusement

As they watched each other for the longest moment

On the shortest day

Fascination jerked forward, yet they were frozen

Until he finally asked, “Do I know you?”

He was already tangled in her hair,

Spinning around her waist,

Tickling her senses

She shrugged playfully and his eyes flashed with excitement


Turning it over in his mind

He imagined a slow kiss, a hurricane of desire

A life with her

Surprise darted across her face

She looked into his eyes and saw in that muddy blue shot with gold,

Wild dolphins cresting over the horizon


He laughed his waterfall laugh, she smelled tea leaves

She took his hand, he heard sunshine

A memory of thunder riding a shooting star

The night he wished for her

This was how it began on that cold, cold solstice long ago

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