Draw the Light

circle of light

Photo: Thomas Hawk via flickr.com

Too many times, survivors watch day turn to night

With short breath and searing scars

And rise again

To steep tea and dreams

To draw the light


They make potent balms for broken skin

with tears and thorns

DIY war paint and rose petals

The alchemy has rage and range

A war cry and a prayer

To draw the light


With feathered edges, survivors become warriors

And fly back from despair

To reimagine circumstances without surrender

To love what remains while stretching forward

To draw the light


Survival deconstructed is a patchwork of wounds and wings,

Disappointment and defiance

Exasperation and ease

Show whatever restraint and resolve required to begin again

To draw the light


Listen for the scattered laughter of other warriors

A call to make music out of frustration

To dance in the moonlight

To freely choose new points of captivation

To draw the light


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