Love is Running Someone’s Errands

Photo by Cathal Mac an Bheatha on Unsplash

My love language is acts of service. Make my life easy, take something off my plate and my heart purrs.

I’m also a hedonist, so stacking service with pleasure is the ultimate gift.

Add to that, I daydream for sport, concocting dream wish lists based on that, so here are some phrases I would love to hear on and well beyond Valentine’s Day:

  • I will come pick you up.
  • (With a single rose and candle in hand), “I’m taking you to/cooking dinner.”
  • Let me plan the trip.
  • Let me pack for the trip.
  • I will research that for you and come up with at least three solutions.
  • I hired someone to deep clean your home
  • Let me wash your car.
  • I can mow your lawn this weekend.
  • I am your handyman. Did you want me to start with your inside or outside punch list?
  • Get in the sauna for a bit and then I will give you a massage.

What is your love language? What is on your wish list?

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