Recipes for a Delicious New Year

Photo by Taylor Kiser on Unsplash

Take twelve fresh months and imagine a feast for the senses.

Trim past resentments, hurts and bruised bits with care,

Cultivating the useful parts, shedding the rest.

Rinse and pat dry of shame and disappointments.

Dice and prep with your favorite tunes in the background.

If the spirit hits you, dance.

For succulent texture, rub or tenderize as needed.

A pinch of this a pinch of that, season to taste,

Always sampling as you go.

No matter what the instructions say, even it’s a superfood,

omit or limit dreaded ingredients

Forcing frenemy foods never ends well

Experiment and follow intuition.

If your mouth is watering, you’re headed in the right direction.

Combine and layer items to marry flavors.

A bit of sweet balances heat, bitter, sour and salty sensations

Marinate proteins or simmer in a rich sauce to make a dish really shine

Take your time. Use the unhurried beats to set a beautiful table,

Because the way you eat a meal matters as much as how you prepare it.

P.S. Here’s my latest favorite winter recipe.

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