What Makes You Better?

Photo by Omar Lopez on Unsplash

It’s a question you can spend a lifetime answering.

I have.

It’s a question that can become a North Star.

It has.

No doubt, this blog has been part of my ongoing effort to figure it out

Bad things, good things, unexpected things have all made me better. Bad things have stretched me and made me reflective and resilient. Good things have provided comfort, joy, and hope; things I swim in to resuscitate myself in all other times. Unexpected things have humbled and even tickled me because as much as I try to control and steer that ship that is me in one direction, I have blind spots and faulty navigation and, at my core, often prefer to take the scenic route.


The point of it all though is to grow.

To dream another dream.

To be a better version of what you were yesterday or five years ago.

And better is subjective. It’s not always about ticking stuff off a grandiose bucket list. It can also mean doing less while prioritizing self-care and rest. It can mean more laughing, more  letting go.

When I posted my 2021 Vision Board last week, a dear blogger pointed out that it was absent material things, and that rang true although it wasn’t a conscious intention.

It’s just a new year with a quieter, softer plot. No typical self-warning to buckle up. Less chasing, more allowing. More praying, more playing.

Joy, peace, pleasure, love, mindfulness, curiosity, creating.

The theme is the same –to be a better me. The methods and timelines, however, will vary.

 So, what’s on your “Better You” list?

  1. Self-care
  2. Love
  3. Joy
  4. Healthier habits
  5. Leisure and relaxation
  6. Learning
  7. Connecting
  8. Having more fun
  9. Trying new things

5 thoughts on “What Makes You Better?

    • Yes, it’s difficult, and practice also makes it more attainable, even if for minutes at a time. I had a really good experience like that today when I was standing in line to buy shoes at Nordy’s today, something I haven’t done for about six months. It was a long line (longer with the social distancing). I was tempted to get on my phone and read something, scroll something, but decided instead to just stand there for ten minutes noting what was going on around and within me. Felt like I’d slipped into some meditative trance until the cashier called me. Anyway, great goal and good luck!

      • Thank you and yes. I understand that example so much. I’ve started leaving my phone in the car or upstairs when I can so that I can engage more with whatever’s going on 😉

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