The early snow was such a surprise

Like you floating back after a gap decade of unremarkable suitors,

Of seasons relentlessly running together because they had to run somewhere.

You, like the crisp, frosty flakes required preparation,

Bundling up while simultaneously adjusting to the temperature of my thawing heart.

You hurt me; that I remember,

But, in the rearview, the damage was as fleeting as first snow, 

Bouncing weightlessly off shadow wounds when you took my hand with that worshiping look and reminded me how snowflakes resembled tinsel in my hair.

You took your time kissing me, and a thousand glittery memories
danced into a vortex of pleasure.

We came up for air. I laughed and dashed into the fluffy white blanket
to make snow angels with you.

And if this this crackling joy melts in a wintery swamp,
no regrets for chasing it will stain my mind

© 2022 Nailah Shami

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