A Poem for Mom

Favorite photo of me and Mom

With frothy bubbles and jasmine oil,

I drew you a bath in my heart,

Arranged a tea tray and candles

Adding fresh lemon water for that spa-feel,

Cued up Nina Simone and put a quiet spell on you.

I slipped away too until I heard that booming oasis of laughter

That was yours but also mine, alchemized.

The chorus was so clear, us together in a ripe fit of wild joy

I thought you’d returned for a visit

Instead of me daydreaming about wished-for moments


Another reason to chuckle, though, because you would remember

That my head was always at home in the clouds,

Circling possibilities, imagining better.

Then, from the living side, I read you this poem

And reverently murmured your name three times

The only one I ever called you

Mom, mom, mom.

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