4 thoughts on “Tulip Town

    • Yes! It was my first time, and the growers apologized for the tulip showing since we got so much rain this year, but since I’d never been before it was still amazing to me. It felt Hollandy to me. LOL.

      • I’ve seen videos of Keukenhof, Holland this year after being closed the past two years, the hoards of humanity are overwhelming. What a zoo! I hope your experience was more tame and enjoyable. 🙂

      • “Hoards of humanity.” LOL. I went on a Friday and the last weekend is THIS weekend. Felt sorry for the town folk though. It’s not as big a deal as the lavender festival in July which has to be nuts in Provence, but I can imagine how it feels to be overrun with visitors on the last day of a festival.

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