Forever Love

Photo by Sarah Wolfe on Unsplash

I looked for you in a thousand spaces.

East coast, west coast, tropical islands, across the ocean.

I looked for you on planes, trains, buses, and boats.

Festivals, concerts, farmer’s markets, mountain peaks were all fair game.

I looked for you in dark chocolate, candles and bubble baths.

Thought you might be at the spa too, so it was my home world.

Once, I looked for you snorkeling and almost drowned.

Had to have a sunset dinner on the beach to revive myself.

I chased you in dreams and onto vision boards

And wondered if you’d swim to me as I was sailing the Nile.

When the sleuthing and “forced” adventures paused,

suitors arrived again and again

Because the universe is the funniest stand-up comedian and always will be.

Before and after marriage,

mating has been this song in my head, thunderous in Spring

murmured notes when I am wrapped in joy, creativity and curiosity.

Still, finding delight in solid, welcoming arms is a slice of wonder.

Yet, when it dries up, I press it into a book and it outlives time.

I’m grateful for the wild and wicked imagination that believes in happily-ever-afters

while accepting that it does not matter.

In a million ways, I found the love of my life and love her luxuriously,


as she is the constant in all of these heartfelt experiments, be they a day or some years.

It’s always been her.

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