Blackberry People

Photo by Pablo Merchán Montes on Unsplash

Like avocados and halibut, blackberries were one of those delicious foods I discovered as an adult, instantly fell in love with and have been gobbling up ever since. 

Short of having an avocado grove and a private island surrounded by schools of halibut, I feel very fortunate to have blackberry bushes in my backyard. They sun-ripen sporadically between July and August, so I have snacks when I’m doing summer yard work. They are fun-shaped and yummy.  They make me happy.

Plenty of pleasant memories come to mind around blackberries, but my favorite is the August my brother and sis-in-law were visiting. I remember us plucking a small bucket of them. I gave them a good rinse and Sis made a gluten-free blackberry cobbler that was so remarkable we greedily ate it fresh from the oven standing in my kitchen.

Like blackberries, there are people I didn’t come to appreciate until later in life too, and I can’t seem to get enough of them either. 

Maybe I had to wait for a part of me to ripen, but now I really value:

  1. People with sunshine in their spirits, who quietly light a room.
  2. People who sweeten with time, while retaining complex, interesting notes.
  3. People I can talk to about anything without them blinking an eye.
  4. People who say a lot with few words.
  5. People who color outside the lines.
  6. People who are willing to gracefully let difficulties go and not randomly time-travel back to them.
  7. Friends who accept me As-Is. For real.
  8. People who feel like poetry.
  9. Dreamers who are also adept at key practical things like furniture assembly and landscaping.
  10. A friend whose primary purpose in my life is to make me laugh or lighten up.
  11. People who can McGyver delicious blackberry cobbler in my gluten-free, sugar-free kitchen.

What/who did you come to appreciate later in life?

4 thoughts on “Blackberry People

  1. I do love a good berry, and I love them all! I grow raspberries, but I really want to put in a patch of blackberries. Galettes, pies, jam, yum. The bushes in the wild here are eaten up quickly by birds, which is fine by me.
    I like your list– a good friend is like a fine wine, improves with age. Definitely worth savoring!

    • Yep, berries are happy places. I suppose I should learn how to make jam one day (bet raspberry jam would be yummy too), but tonight I’m going to fold some blueberries into a bread loaf with some ginger and lemon and pretend I don’t miss summer.
      The birds eat my berries too, but there’s plenty to share.
      Friends who are like family are the best and I’d rather have them than wine…but not berries. LOL.
      Good luck with your blackberry patch!

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