RBG is Also Short For Rest Baby Girl

You were one of my “aunties in my head.”

Iconic mama bear, enfolding every woman, young and old(er) as your charge.

Nurturing us with the salve of wisdom, intention and feroricity.

Soft, but strong and unstoppably both,

You kicked some ass and made us better.

Lifting us until we saw stars,

Carrying us until we could carry others,

Metabolizing the patriarchy, so we could swallow it

Or spit it out.

You fought, and fought, and fought until forever

And forever you stood in power, now rest Baby Girl.

The Legacy of Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Photo credit: Google Images

2 thoughts on “RBG is Also Short For Rest Baby Girl

  1. OMG. This is brilliant. It brought me to tears. RBG has been a hero of mine for decades. She has motivated me for most of my adult life. I was devastated when she passed. I wore my RBG earrings and my pearls in her honor when I voted. And every time I had to endure chemo I channeled her thinking, if Ruth could endure this, then so could I. I bought my grand daughter an RBG doll to go besides the HRC and Wonder Woman dolls I bought her . 😍

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