Twenty Twenty


Photo by Ray Hennessy on Unsplash

Tomorrow you’ll begin a brand new decade, and it will also just be tomorrow where your dreams still live; where your heart stands true to people, places and things you love

There will still be an invitation to be a warrior for your own creativity, self-care, and rehab from the wounds you need to heal. Warriors don’t flinch or need costumes and they always win.

You are exactly who and where you need to be. Tomorrow you can be water, wind, fire, earth. Today, be light and easy. Be grateful. Most things are blessings that got you to something meant for you or away from something that never was.

Learn new things, make new friends, try something different, treasure your gifts. Let light into dark places. Forgive if for no other reason than grudges break your stride and you have stuff to do. Be better, do better.

Dream them dreams. When you don’t know what to do, be still. Time is fluid and FOMO is a lie. Just never, ever, ever give up and you will get There.

Hold someone’s hand when they’re dying. It will help you live. Choose friends who can smilingly tell you the messiest chapters of their story in the blink of an eye, for inspirational purposes only.

Feel everything and then put it down and gather yourself up in your own arms and squeeze with generous affection. Because whatever did or didn’t work, it’s done. And you can always begin again.

Light up your corner of the world. If your neighbors like you, that is enough. Earn laugh lines and accept them as signs you’re getting it right, not getting old which of course you are, but life spends the same so you might as well be laughing.

I hope your cup is always full of whatever you fancy and that you drink it slow and savor. If it hasn’t already, I hope your wildest dream comes true and you learn when to celebrate, rest and reflect before running off to the next one. There is always something coming, which does not dampen this very moment, perfectly made for you.

Happy New Year,


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