Yellow Brick Road Revisited


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This song, this melody

is fluid and unbroken

An anthem written in heartbeats

A ring of fire circling

A mother’s love, a child’s wonder.

Behind a bursting flame, a new path appears

Embers, butterflies

A crack of thunder, a question:

Follow that which promises nothing

Or find a way to mute the driving notes?

Not now. I have to buy groceries, scrub the oven,

Doubt, be ordinary

So little time and the road is so damn long.

Still, there is that music, that invitation

Glowing in the distance

Plump with hypnotic drumbeats and dares,

Riding a sweet note when the moon lies on top of the sun.

Even through this silent opera, a sure, soaring rhythm lifts.

Sometimes you follow the road,

Sometimes it follows you

And the more forgetful you are about keeping score, the better the dance.

4 thoughts on “Yellow Brick Road Revisited

  1. Lovely! Resonates completely with me in this moment. I’m glad I came to your blog to see what you’ve been writing lately! Hi Nailah!

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