Self Blessing


Photo by Chanh Duong on Unsplash

She blesses her body in the shower, steam creeping into her pores like smooth jazz, singing.

May I dance, dream, and love this life away.

Closing her eyes, she inhales orange, lavender and pure possibility.

May I be authentic, resilient, audacious.

She massages her skin dry with a fluffy towel the size of Canada.

May I be a free, undaunted warrior who walks on ceilings.

Simplifying intention, she infuses her passions into the lotion soothing her skin, giving thanks.

May I hold on, may I let go, may I enjoy the easy rhythm of it all.

Silky hands pull victories from her hair, from behind her ears, out of thin air.

Twirling arms wide, circling slowly, she lifts her smile and soars.

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