Her Melody

Dancer - Rodrigo Diaz

Art: Rodrigo Diaz via Flickr.com

This song, this melody

Is fluid and unbroken

A ring of fire

Circling a mother’s love

Inside a child’s wonder

Lives a trail of hope.


Under drumming notes of sacred thunder

Love falls up and hate

Bursts into a bright, bubbling river

She wades into it

As a rich, honeyed psalm washes over her

Dissolving, cleansing, healing frayed bits from the battlefield.


She laughs, blowing out with both peace and wildfire

Suddenly, the calm is replaced by a soaring anthem

She stomps out, grinning, flinging her hair

Belting out a made-up tune the crows envy

It is catchy, eclectic, heroic

It knows her.


Carving joy with each step,

She dances over a golden bridge

To a magical island

Where all fulfilled wishes live,

Unplucked but ripe

She sits in the grass and counts them

Between moments of suspended breaths

Finding freedom in ripples of silent wonder

An invitation to dance

She needed to unplug and rest, but she is back now



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