He Kneels at Her Altar


art via flickr.com

On a moonless night, he kneels at her altar

Sandalwood and myrrh baptizing him,

in the silence of sacred ground

He had never expected to find a love this pure

And so he lost her in a self-defeating loop of disbelief

She is not there

Like incense smoke, she left a scent on his skin, in his hair

She was inside of him

Silent and sure

Without taking up space

He used to catch the stars in her eyes and worship them

And then play hard to get too long

Her love was full-blown and magical; he shushed his with

A grid filled with dark impulses

An easy eagerness to sabotage

He does not know what to blame it on

But she was Home and he misses her

dimples and deep devotion to joy

He drops his head to his chest and

unzips his regret he did not cherish her more

As he lays before the altar memories

Of a love that changed him

Just not in time

She will never trust him again

Or the limited resources of his heart

She has moved on

Even though he kneels at her altar

Copyright Nailah Shami


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