Letting Go is Like Flying


Photo via flckr.com

I wrote you a love letter on my skin

And you fertilized my scalp with poetry

Under summer sun and breezes, Love climbed

Into a purple sky that we called home

Into children we called heaven.

After a dozen winters, you flew away

Visiting time after time with perfumed cheeks

to feed me stale, gnarled lyrics

and tales of Another Forever

One day.

You my you my everything

You scribbled on paper

An apology, a promise, Nothing, I wondered briefly

Before folding it into an origami bird and leveling it at

Where your heart should have been.

You kissed my hand, lingering

Kneading false hope into my tense palm

With a proposed a Tantric Summer,

A boyish discourse about freedom being seven tenths of harmony

A vision of Us so flimsy an ant could crush it.

A verse formed on my palm

Someone is flying away again





I wrote you a Dear John letter on a post-it

And danced into a purple sky.


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