How to Train Your Heart


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  1. Be vulnerable 2. After you feel safe. 3. Live in the moment. 4. Live in love.
    5. Bottle all good memories 6. Sniff often. 7. Teach your heart to dance    8. Let it be still    9. Regularly feel around for tears. 10. Repair them. 11. Remember that ‘art’ is part of heart and love creatively 12. Your heart is inside of you, so self-love first. 13. To cultivate the patience love requires, teach yourself to garden, play an instrument or speak another language. 14. Forgive all hurts, including self-inflicted wounds 15. Forgiving doesn’t mean staying in an unhealthy relationship 16. Curate. In matters of the heart, choose quality over quantity 17. Recognize that your authentic style of loving is unique and not for everyone, and that’s okay. 18. You will find everyone meant to share it.
    19. Walk, don’t run into love. 20. ______________ (fill in the blank)

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