Search and Rescue

Karteek Sivagouni via flickr

Art: Karteek Sivagouni via flickr

When you are lost, I creep inside

A hidden room in your heart

And a road lined with fireflies appears

I goosestep over plain sand, then solid pavers

It feels like summer and Disneyland

In time, I spot one version of you

Younger, older, I can’t tell

Just that it is you

Sad-eyed and sullen

Sitting alone at a crowded party

Nursing a drink

I take two steps toward you

You raise a glass and wink

I wink back and take two steps sideways, back, forward

To the song that lifts clouds


So I sway my hips in the cadence I know you can’t resist

Somewhere between belly dancing and underwater hip-hop

Roll my abs and taunt you with snake arms

I become the piper, calling you to ecstasy

Calling you home to yourself

You shake your head, grinning

Lower your glass and join me on the dance floor

Drums/thunder/Carnival/salsa/sweat/aerobic prayer/rainbow swirls of delight/wild joy

You are back, and

I find you in the beat

I always will


4 thoughts on “Search and Rescue

  1. Hey Lovely! Check out my most recent blog post. There’s a poetry contest (not sure if you’ve seen it) that I think you’d like to enter. The theme is self-love.

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