Double Dutch Love


Art via

Her lips are both pillow and stone

When he doesn’t know if he’s in or out

Feeling her love is like a tidal wave of wonder

That turns him inside out

and yet,

Not always unanimously available

So years into it, he still braces for dismissal,

Heartbreak or cold war

He doesn’t know how her heart works though she claims he coats it

He tries to read her unreadable eyes

The way he reads cars before jaywalking a shortcut

But most drivers have more predictable behavior than His Love

Sometimes she speeds up or brakes suddenly

In gridlock, she wants him and she doesn’t

An independent, bullish dream builder

Who becomes a stranger he worships on alternate days

She self-soothes and bakes her way through problems

And never checks his phone

Or wonders why his lips are sometimes pillow, sometimes stone

So he imagines she does not need him

When she doesn’t panic if their rhythms ebb and flow

She naturally knows how to navigate both

He will have to learn

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