Unfussy Vows


Not unlike our beginning when her first word to me was ‘Hey’

And mine was ‘You’

Her wedding vow was unfussy,

As were her lip gloss, sundress and natural curls

Always, the quirky opposite of fireworks or formality

She could have been on her way to the beach


In a love story made of butterscotch and wildfires

We look like happy commoners in the packed courthouse

Now she is saying simply, ‘Baby, I marry you’

And I am saying simply, ‘Me too”

With a rush of unspoken promises nested inside, because

If I prayed a thousand prayers before we met, she is the answer to 999 of them


At her practical insistence, we blew the wedding budget on a house,

So the ring I slide on her finger is costume and she does not care

Mine is a rubber band that she caresses as though it were precious metal

We make these compromises

What we do not spare is love and affection, and

After these unfussy vows, she takes her time kissing me; the longest part the ceremony


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