Long Distance


Art: Victor Tondee via flickr.com

Today, I saw orange and purple flowers embroidered on grey bell bottom jeans and thought of her

As trendy as anything else you would find at a yard sale, they fit her out-of-time-hippy Old Soul

Her fashion is that she will make her own fashion so I bought them and FED Ex’ed them to her; the shipping cost more than the jeans

Next day, she sent me a picture

She had paired them with a white halter top and floppy sun hat, hoop earrings that almost touched her shoulder

Straight out of the 70s, a decade before she was born, the look suited her

She makes no sense, but then neither do my favorite recipes

Layered, interesting, unexpected combos that surprise and please

The next week, she sent me a grey Fedora from who knows where since she wouldn’t say

I put on jeans, my only suit jacket and the Fedora and we FaceTime danced

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