Good Bones


Alexander071177 via

Before we even say hello

With cursory inspection,

That look that subtly x-rays a soul

I admire your uplifting natural light,

And the way you favor a Craftsman-style bungalow, both historic and fresh

I know you and I don’t

As I run my eyes over a unique, nonchalant elegance it signals that

Your cupboards float, empty and full

That you are native to my climate

I feel the sacred geometry of your spirit intersecting mine

Some handcrafted small wonder waiting to be noticed

You say it first: Hey you

In a tone ripe with sexy foundational elements

I know that voice

Weathered with time but solid enough to remind me of rich mahogany hardwood floors

The deep, rich, smooth lines and ancient promises

I have only known you five minutes

And can already see that five years from now you will still be

Uncomplicated but interesting

Enduring but adventurous

Comforting as home and higher ground

So I smile and say it back: Hey you

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