Eleven Ways Barack and Michelle Obama Made Us Better


Yes, the economy is back from the brink.

Yes, the Affordable Health Care Act made a way out of no way for millions of Americans to get inexpensive health insurance coverage.

Yes, thousands of troops came home from the Middle East and enemies were destroyed.

Yes, same-sex marriage was legalized in all 50 states.

Yes, two more women were appointed to the Supreme Court, one of them the first Hispanic woman justice.

Yes, the Paris Climate agreement became a thing.

Yes, Mama Bear Michelle Obama was the First Lady of Healthy Eating and Fitness, Supporting Military Families, Fashion and Style, and Snatching Brilliant Note-free Speeches Out of the Sky.

But beyond that, Potus and Flotus gave us eight scandal-free years as they inspired and lifted.

They leave us the way they came in and I don’t really know how to say goodbye, except to dwell on the richness of their grace, good energy and intentions, and inclusion—the enduring legacy that will fuel millions for years to come.

Because we’ve seen better, we know what it looks like and can choose it again.

Here’s what I admired them most for:

1. Fully showing up for something so enormous and being all in.

2. Working tirelessly and thoughtfully when everyone was watching and no one was.

3.  Struggling with lions, tigers and bears with grace, calm and cool.

4.  Valuing that the long, tough road from Here to There is made richer by the family you make along the way.


5.  Not using all the words to say all the things about wrongful, ridiculous people, but still saying something meaningful.


6.  Being able to dig in the dirt and meet the Queen of England.

collage-17.  Keeping it real.

president-obama-lady-michelle-obama8. Keeping it fun.

collage9.  Never letting us forget that first and foremost, they were Malia and Sasha’s parents. #rolemodelparenting


10. Showing us a real-life love story.

barack-and-michelle-pinterest11. Kids loved them and that was always enough for me.


2 thoughts on “Eleven Ways Barack and Michelle Obama Made Us Better

  1. A real life love story…yes indeed. Just looking at them inspires me. I can’t believe that we were privileged to see such a wonderful example of family, unity, hope, sacrifice, love, commitment, dedication, (and much much more) for the past 8 years.

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