6 thoughts on “If You Think the Frog Prez Has to Ruin Your Life, You’re Wrong

  1. I get that this post created a real healing in the world. Thank you dear warrior poet for responding so quickly and gracefully to the cries of these less than United States. I only wish I hadn’t sent my Xmas cards so early, cause I would have placed a copy of this in each one.

    A favorite line from the play Rent is “The opposite of war isn’t peace: it’s creation”, and what you’ve created is a mighty antidote to the illusionary war everyone feels.



    • Thank you my friend. It dawned on me too when I heard the cast of Hamilton eloquently address M. Pence that this will be a long season for creatives. Art, music, words that heal and insist on turning right side up. That it is the PERFECT response to whatever this is in the air. And I know you will be adding to it!
      Love – N

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