Biden on Trump: “I Wish We Were in High School So I Could Take Him Behind the Gym. That’s What I Wish.”

I love how Joe Biden pops out periodically like that raw, unfiltered old uncle who says whatever he damn well pleases, Veep or not.

He means well. And since it’s as entertaining as it is unapologetically real, you just want to float one of those Xena Warrior princess attack whoops.

Like when the infamous leaked lewd 2005 tape of Donald Trump hit the airwaves with the latter bragging about super-aggressively groping women at will. That tape that, unbelievably, still did not cause his die-hard supporters to blink or bail.

GOP members scrambled away from Trump as if he had head lice and fleas. Didn’t even try to spin it, just ran. Dems weighed in with shock and disgust, but nobody outright offered to take The Orange One outside the way a father, brother, uncle or guy bestie might after even a hint of sexual harassment or assault against a loved one.

Then, enter Joe Biden, who while stumping in Pennsylvania for Hillary Clinton went there.

Not that we needed him to come to our rescue after Flotus’s sweeping condemnation of Trump’s behavior, but God, this was good too.

Sometimes, for balance sake, a creepy, dangerous man needs to be checked by an uncreepy righteous one, and thank you Joe Biden for using your platform again as you did to draft the Violence Against Women Act of 1994 to hold offenders accountable and provide services for victims of violence and “It’s On Us” White House campaign to increase awareness of  sexual assault on college campuses.

Men don’t have to be feminists to get their place in sexual harassment or assault. They just have to be decent and bold enough to say something that shuts it down with a dropping-the-mike thump.

And this was that.

I wish we could clone you Joe Biden. That’s what I wish.


2 thoughts on “Biden on Trump: “I Wish We Were in High School So I Could Take Him Behind the Gym. That’s What I Wish.”

  1. I couldn’t agree more. The man literally confesses on tape that he has sexually assaulted women–bragged about it, and he’s still out there running for president. If he were a black man, he’d be in prison. Trump is white privilege gone wild. It’s beyond astounding. I can only wonder at this circus that we are calling a presidential election.

    I tend toward conspiracy theory. Here’s one: Republicans all along knew that Trump was insane and unelectable, but they put him out there. Why? Because they want in the long run to say, the only way Hillary got elected was to run against an idiot. A real man would have beaten her…easily. So, as a result of an easy win, she’s not a “viable” president. In short, her victory is a sham.

    Aside from conspiracy theories, I worry more about AFTER the election now than I do the process. Hillary will win. That’s obvious. The major concern now is post election insanity. For instance, Trump’s vow to accept election results, “only if I win.” Now that’s scary.

    Nshami, it’s a joy to read your posts. Thank your for sharing and sorry for my rant. 🙂

    • Hear you Paul. Not quite willing to call it a conspiracy, but I do think The Orange One is very persuasive and dramatic and vindictive enough to come for GOP members who didn’t line up behind him and they didn’t want to ruin their own careers. The other thing is that he, unfortunately, is the face of an ugly segment of the population who are totally unglued, angry and out of touch with reality, and who want to take the country back to olden days and racist, sexist ways. When Hillary wins we will still have to keep fighting that–probably our whole lifetime–and we will win.

      I had the pleasure of dropping my ballot off today. That’s what we have to do. Keep showing up and exercising our right to send wrong back where it came from.

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