A Cup of Mom

Emma lives and Brother is coming next week to check on her!

Happy Mom’s Day all!

Better For That

Emma the plant

Brother surprised me this summer with plant snips from one that was Mom’s last in the nursing home. She watered it with leftover coffee, cream and sugar and the thing still outlived her.

He’d already named her Emma, same as our mother.

Unknowingly, months before, I had scored the perfect stand for it—an uncanny sibling telepathy that happens between us—and he gave a simple, knowing nod when I unnecessarily explained wanting something green in that corner but had yet to find the hardy, sunshine-loving plant with the perfect drape.

This is it, I thought when he opened one of his old cigar boxes (also mine to keep) to reveal the eight cuttings he had soaked in water for three days to coax roots from before traveling three thousand miles for the installation. My slow smile mirrored his and I went to fetch a bag of soil.

We told “Mom”…

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