Inspired by Gray Suede

Sitting in my cracker box (my work cubicle) this morning– at the drab-but-secure and well-paying job I took to pay the mortgage while still pursuing my writing career—I came across this bit of inspiration. Was reminded of what a natural joy it is to create and how addictive, free-flowing and eternal the urge remains. How I would like to see more of it in the world. How it must be celebrated. Again and again. Truth: Even if you’re reading this from your own cracker box compromise, know that place, that work doesn’t define you. Keep those tentacles always reaching out to make something out of nothing. Art. And you don’t have to explain that to anyone. Thanks Kelley!

I love art. In all of its many facets. In middle school, I used to draw and sell comics for classmates. I was a furniture salesman and merchandiser. I took one year of sewing in high school along with three years of various art classes. I have a BFA in fashion design + marketing. I […]

via week 16 || 2016: when you’re a mutha bleeping artist and people don’t know ish — gray suede

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