The Thing About Birthdays

butterfly with purple flower

My birthday is part celebration, part reflection and it’s almost here! More a season than day, it begins on Valentine’s Day and breezes through the whole month of March. Why? Because I can. Even around work, I plan little things I love each day. It has to be a love at this point. Some compelling and cool nine or a ten-ish adventure. Mind you, these are fairly simple, fairly inexpensive treats. A new gallery exhibit, East Indian lunch (with a view of the Sound), flowers, a pedicure. Whatever brings me joy. As for the reflection part, they say with age comes wisdom and as I get ready to take on another year, in no particular order, I thought I’d share the best of what I’ve learned so far.

  1. Not to waste. Resources, time, energy, love.
  2. When in doubt about what to have for dinner, sautéing ginger, garlic and onions is a good place to start.
  3. To try most things that scare me if there is no imminent harm. Except slimy food.
  4. Minding my own business is a gift that keeps on giving.
  5. To celebrate all victories, big and small.
  6. Self-care and self-love are also verbs.
  7. Take something off my to-do list every day. Maybe two somethings.
  8. It is not possible to read myself to death, so read EVERYTHING.
  9. Play the long game.
  10. Play.
  11. There is absolutely no good reason to check email or social media every day.
  12. I can feed myself relatively well for a week with pantry and freezer items and avocados.
  13. Exercise is just movement and calling it that makes it less of a chore.
  14. Not to look at any of my physical (or mental) flaws too closely first thing in the morning.
  15. Forgiveness is easier in hindsight and summertime.
  16. When it rains, get up, dance, put on an eye-popping shade of red lipstick and do what I have to do anyway.
  17. I can learn something from everyone.
  18. If I love people fiercely, I will miss them less when they are gone.
  19. Only follow people who are going somewhere I want to go.
  20. Being a bit weird is a bit wonderful.
  21. My hair is the boss of me.
  22. It confuses people that I am an extroverted introvert, but explaining why only confuses them more.
  23. To take music wherever I go.
  24. Three year olds have the softest touch.
  25. My bed is its own island.
  26. Gratitude trumps blues.
  27. Some of the best things in life begin as mistakes
  28. Not to eat anything I haven’t seen in nature.
  29. Try to help someone every day without sacrificing myself.
  30. It was easier to make friends in kindergarten, but the rules of engagement still work: say hi and share snacks.
  31. Dark chocolate, a cup of tea and a bubble bath make everything better.
  32. I can try my butt off, but timing has the last word. So do my part and relax.
  33. Less is more in almost every category
  34. Fast food is for aliens
  35. Follow every dream. Twice.

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