I want some who…




  1. Treats me like a queen, lover and friend.
  2. Inspires me.
  3. Has thick honey in his voice when he says my name.
  4. Understands how I was made.
  5. Supports my ambitions and positions, but is also willing to tell me when I’m being ridiculous.
  6. Makes me better.
  7. Really, really, really, really gets me.
  8. Thinks I’m an answer to a prayer.
  9. Has theme songs too.
  10. Feels like home.
  11. Is happy to see me on good days and doesn’t mind me on bad ones.
  12. Has that fearless-got-my-back-til-the-end-of-time kind of love.
  13. Doesn’t try to remake me.
  14. Might need a hand, but not my whole arm.
  15. Reminds me of Spring.
  16. Thinks I’m worth it.
  17. Moves me to write poetry in my sleep.
  18. Wears vintage, throwback fedoras.
  19. Knows how to cue up music appropriate for the moment.
  20. Likes to dance, and dance, and dance.
  21. Doesn’t forget to feed me.


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