Women Bloggers Team Up For Single Men: Turn Your Dating Life Upside Down!

Okay, so we just gave the men an ENTIRE dating guidebook. Let’s see what happens next. LOL. Forward to every single man you know. Great job pulling this all together NJ!

mind JO business

Hey nosies!

With Valentine’s Day behind us, are you still in the mood for love?!  Last month we heard from 6 men and their 30 dating tips for single women.  We LOVED IT but many women wanted the men to hear their voices and perspective too.  Consider it


These 10 women have teamed up to offer our men a collection of dating tips, sure to turn their dating lives upside down.  Remember, every woman is their own woman with their own likes and dislikes.  If you find yourself trying to implement each of these tips in every situation, you may find yourself disappointed.  You’ll just have to bite the bullet and get to know your lady, fellas :).  However, just like the men, there was one tip that JUST kept coming up – #6.  Enjoy!


ABlackRose of  A Black Rose Thrived, Author Cherie of All In The Name Of Love, Lauren Rorschach of Back In…

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