Forget the clock

set yourself by the thing that calls you,

the thing that is yours (and yours alone) to do.

With one hand on guts, the other on glory,

have the courage to stay in your own game.

For deep in the dream, you don’t hear the tick, tick ticking.

As it comes into view,

draw back your arrow and shoot for the bull’s-eye

between memorable and mind-blowing

and keep trying , even when your aim is crooked.

You don’t have to hit the mark,

you just have to come close.

It isn’t all or nothing

distractions will always dance in the margins

so do the thing you can, when you can, as though it were an essential part

of the something that is meant to be.

If the road narrows, turn sideways or upside down and wiggle your way through

until it all comes together, shiny and new.

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